#LiberateAllNipples by Suma Jane Dark for Wear Your Voice Magazine

Bring Diversity to #FreeTheNipple with #liberateALLnipples [NSFW] by Monica Cadena for Wear Your Voice Magazine

August 24, 2015

“Yesterday was National Topless Day, an event created by by GoTopless in support of gender equality and Women’s Equality Day happening August 26.

From NBC News to The Australian, publications from around the globe covered the annual event, where ‘people in cities around the world were invited to stand up for women’s right to go topless in public,’ according to gotopless.org.

While we couldn’t be happier that women are banding together for gender equality, we can’t help but think how much more powerful campaigns like these would be if they were inclusive of all women?

As images came pouring in on social media, the lack of diverse bodies in the demonstrations were apparent. And while this doesn’t imply that there weren’t Black, Trans, Latina and Asian POC attending the demonstrations, it does suggest that POC were outnumbered by white cis-gendered women in another feminist movement, yet again.

Take for example, the Daily Mail’s coverage of the event. Of the 60 women in the photographs, only 7 women pictured were obviously POC. ( I use the word obviously as I cannot suggest that some of the 60 women were in fact POC, however, only 7 women photographed I can say with surety are POC).  Similar was the case of images I found in other publications, where POC represented a minority of those photographed. … read more.”





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