4 Reasons Why We Need Fat Liberation

Jezebel Delilah by Laurel Dickman

Jan 4, 2016

I respect anyone who identifies as fat and want them to feel at home within the movement.  I hear Marie Southard Ospina when she feels erased as a smaller-bodied fat activist. There is a place for “small fats” at the table, however sometimes it may be the kid’s table.  It’s important to know where your privileges exist and allow the focus to be on those who are so often ignored by the medical-industrial complex and the true butt of jokes and advertising for diet culture. The difference between “body positivity” and “fat liberation” is that in my eyes, “body positivity” deals more with feelings and giving each other kudos when needed. “Fat Liberation” is here to save lives and advocate for the medical needs of those who are constantly dismissed by health officials.

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