Amber Amour, Rape Survivor, Censored on Instagram

Amber Amour, minutes after her rape. 

Jan 14, 2016

TW: rape

Dang, Instagram… when you step in some misogynist shit, you really step in it.

I mean, first you remove an image of poet Rupi Kaur’s innocuous portrait of herself, lying in bed, fully clothed, with a visible menstrual stain and suggest that it does not fit community guidelines.  Most recently to mass knowledge, you removed anti-rape activist Amber Amour’s images that she had taken post-rape because it did not fit ‘community guidelines’. …

…. Months later, the case was dismissed. After her experience, Amber began to create street art all over city sidewalks as a simultaneous act of self-soothing and activism.  She began facilitating discussions and therapy groups.  When things started to take off, she was organizing speeches internationally and had about 5,000 Instagram followers.  Her “Stop Rape. Educate.” and #creatingconsentculture program was taking off quite well, and when she asked her fans and fellow activists where she should go to really make a difference, they voted on South Africa among several other places.

read more at Wear Your Voice


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