My Weekend In The Psych Ward

Photo by Volkan Olmez. Creative Commons license. 

Jan 19, 2016

(Trigger Warning: suicide, institutionalization)

Tonight, I found out that I have lost yet another friend to suicide.  Yet another person whose hand I could have held, whose phone call I would have taken, whose live, warm body could have been in my arms.  Once the initial shock wears off, I am left with the same thought that I’m always left with after finding out that I have lost another friend due to untreated and often undiagnosed mental illnesses: that was almost me. …

I have flirted with suicide for a very long time. I have a very clear memory of the first time I contemplated suicide.

The only time I have ever really sought help was after I had a full-blown breakdown about three years ago.  If I had done a bit more research to find out that my benzos were not suicide-friendly, I simply would not be here writing this article.  I would be ashes, most likely sitting in a jar at my mom’s house or haphazardly dumped somewhere pretty.

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