Re-thinking the She-Rection: Navigating HSDD


Sep 10, 2015

Three years and three rounds of anti-depressants later, things are not as hot or as frequent as they used to be.  Pop culture and porn all tell me that I am supposed to be having the best orgasms of my life more often and more frequently. I’m supposed to be fucking like some feral cougar, desperate to get pregnant. I’ve got a great relationship with my clitoris and so does my partner. What happens when the orgasm is not the problem but getting to the point of sexual acts is? I know that everyone’s sex drive is different, but when I was insatiable as a teen through my late twenties. The most sexually explosive relationships that I have had have all been with men that did not treat me well or acknowledge my worth. Because of these things, it truly makes me question whether or not I can have a strong sexual relationship within a healthy relationship. Is my sexual impulse permanently linked with degradation and hurt?

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