Crystal Carmen: Beauty Entrepreneur and Total Bad Ass

Crystal Carmen channeling Kerry Washington.

(Originally published 6/12/15 at Wear Your Voice)

Last night I had the honor of speaking with Crystal Carmen, founder of Pink Stiletto cosmetics. Hailing from Queens and now residing in Philly, this woman is seriously the stuff dreams are made of: she is an integral part of the plus size fashion scene along the eastern seaboard and an innovative entrepreneur, while still remaining kind, approachable and an absolute babe.

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics is owned by a plus-size BIPOC woman, Leaping Bunny certified organic, and produced in the United States by folks working above minimum wage.

Read on at Wear Your Voice.

As a thank you, Crystal Carmen has given all Wear Your Voice readers 20% off ALL Pink Stiletto cosmetics when you enter the promo code WEARYOURVOICE at checkout! Remember to tag your selfies in Pink Stiletto goodies with #wearyourvoice AND #pinkstiletto!


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