Utilizing Social Media to Upgrade Your Self-Esteem


(First published on Wear Your Voice Magazine 2015)

I am one of the lucky fat women. I have a strong core of like-minded (and bodied) female friends, even if they are flung across the States and the rest of the world. I have a mate whom I am incredibly attracted to. I know where to get clothing that fits me, as well as how to style it. I spend my time trying to lift other women up and teach them to love their bodies. I have bad days, as well. Sometimes I hate my belly, my big thighs, my calves that never fit into boots. I hate that I can’t always fit into seats at movie theatres without the sides digging into my hips and having to pretend that everything is okay because I am too embarrassed to inconvenience the rest of the group. I dread flying and I always fear that this will be The Trip, the one where “they” fat shame me in front of everyone and force me to buy two seats or I have a rude flight attendant that makes a big deal of bringing me a seat-belt extender.

Luckily, due to very conscious habits as to how I consume my media, those bad body image days are in the minority. It’s time-consuming, but worth every change.

(Read the rest at Wear Your Voice Magazine)



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