Laurel Dickman is a writer, art director, and fat feminist activist who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area after spending nearly a decade in Portland, Oregon. Laurel grew up split between Florida and North Carolina, and her strange childhood in the southern states informs a lot of her social views and who she is today, especially her strong views in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement. Currently, the bulk of her work can be found published at Wear Your Voice magazine (www.wearyourvoicemag.com) and her own website.


Laurel likes things like expensive makeup, well-curated outfits, feminist art, tons of music, and cooking. Guilty of compulsively meowing along to songs sometimes, Laurel will always stop to have a conversation with a dog on the sidewalk or a cat crossing her path. Doomed with Resting Nice Face and a hard-wired southern hospitality, Laurel Dickman never had a chance to truly be the hard bitch she has always fantasized about being. She’s a queer woman who is equal parts classically “feminine” and sweaty, belching sailor without the nautical knowledge. She is going to be a fat bride this coming year (Oct 2016) and is marrying a cis, white man – she is still trying to figure out how that happened. Intersectional feminism is the only feminism – all other forms are just ethnocentric, intellectual masturbation.


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